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Eating Disorders


CF Ambassador
Jan 11, 2020
Food disorders include:

Compulsive Overating (eating more than you need);

Emotional Eating ( to distract you from underlying issues like anxiety and depression);

Undereating (when addictive it is called anorexia);

Bulimia (throwing up food after a binge).

Sugar Addiction (using sugar to get high off the chemicals they release).

To many, eating is a wonderful experience. When it becomes a way to distract you from life's problems then it can lead to addiction. This is also true of undereating.

Undereating is usually a cry for help and is based on one's hatred of their own body or a fear of becoming overweight.

Bulimia starts out as a way to stay slim, but it can become a form of self-hate.

Recovery for all food disorders is behavior modification and a turning to God for comfort. When the soul is nourished so is the stomach.

Christians & Food Disorders

Google "Christians and eating disorders" for
more information about recovery.

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